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This video has been deleted.


A gold digger is coerced into a spiritual quest for enlightenment by a Shaman with dark secrets of his own.

Runtime: 133 Minutes
Director: Irina Unger
Cast: Mike Markoff, Lyuba Koptina
Genre: Drama/Comedy

Soul Eclipse Premiered

March 19-20 at



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Select                Theaters
Imax Esquire Movie Theatre - Soul Eclips

May 29th - June 12th


Well acted, beautifully captured, awakening story,

impressing on the emotional level." - J Adams/NY Film Critic

"Soul Eclipse movie is pretty unique, which is what I think the industry needs right now." - Cecilia Brush/Film Acquisitions

Charming, charismatic story.  Soulful, yet with a good sense of humor." - Robert Jensen/Reels Mgt

Spellbinding, back to nature, visually spectacular!"

                - William Westley/Entertainment LA

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